Python Geospatial Development 3rd Edition

Python Geospatial Development 3rd Edition

Book Name : Python Geospatial Development

Edition : 3rd Edition | | ISBN : B016YFQ82S

Category : Programming & IT

Format / Pages : PDF - 446 Pages

Book Description

Python Geospatial Development 3rd Edition pdf

Key Features

  • Build web applications based around maps and geospatial data using Python 3.x
  • Install and use various toolkits and obtain geospatial data for use in your programs
  • This practical, hands-on book will teach you all about geospatial development in Python

Book Description

Geospatial development links your data to locations on the surface of the Earth. Writing geospatial programs involves tasks such as grouping data by location, storing and analyzing large amounts of spatial information, performing complex geospatial calculations, and drawing colorful interactive maps. In order to do this well, you'll need appropriate tools and techniques, as well as a thorough understanding of geospatial concepts such as map projections, datums, and coordinate systems.

This book provides an overview of the major geospatial concepts, data sources, and toolkits. It starts by showing you how to store and access spatial data using Python, how to perform a range of spatial calculations, and how to store spatial data in a database. Further on, the book teaches you how to build your own slippy map interface within a web application, and finishes with the detailed construction of a geospatial data editor using the GeoDjango framework.

By the end of this book, you will be able to confidently use Python to write your own geospatial applications ranging from quick, one-off utilities to sophisticated web-based applications using maps and other geospatial data.

What you will learn

  • Access, manipulate, and display geospatial data from within your Python programs
  • Master the core geospatial concepts of location, distance, units, projections, and datums
  • Read and write geospatial data in both vector and raster format
  • Perform complex, real-world geospatial calculations using Python
  • Store and access geospatial information in a database
  • Use points, lines, and polygons within your Python programs
  • Convert geospatial data into attractive maps using Python-based tools
  • Build complete web-based mapping applications using Python

About the Author

Erik Westra has been a professional software developer for over 25 years and has worked almost exclusively in Python for the past decade. Erik's early interest in graphical user interface design led to the development of one of the most advanced urgent courier dispatch systems used by messenger and courier companies worldwide. In recent years, Erik has been involved in the design and implementation of systems matching seekers and providers of goods and services across a range of geographical areas as well as real-time messaging and payments systems. This work has included the creation of real-time geocoders and map-based views of constantly changing data. Erik is based in New Zealand, and he works for companies worldwide.

He is also the author of the Packt titles Python Geospatial Analysis and Building Mapping Applications with QGIS as well as the forthcoming title Modular Programming with Python.

Table of Contents

  1. Geospatial Development Using Python
  2. GIS
  3. Python Libraries for Geospatial Development
  4. Sources of Geospatial Data
  5. Working with Geospatial Data in Python
  6. Spatial Databases
  7. Using Python and Mapnik to Generate Maps
  8. Working with Spatial Data
  9. Improving the DISTAL Application
  10. Tools for Web-based Geospatial Development
  11. Putting It All Together – a Complete Mapping System
  12. ShapeEditor – Importing and Exporting Shapefiles
  13. ShapeEditor – Selecting and Editing Features

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